Northern Cables FIRE ALARM Cable is available in FPLP (Fire Alarm Power Limited Plenum Rated) and FPL (Fire Alarm Power Limited)

The FIRE ALARM Cable is a flexible interlocked aluminum armoured cable approved for use in open and concealed wiring in dry locations at 75 C Please refer to NFPA 75 for acceptable uses.

All FIRE ALARM Cable is UL approved and manufactured, in sizes 18 AWG through 12 AWG, with two insulated copper conductor and a green ground or four insulated copper conductors and a green ground.  Size 18 AWG and 16 AWG are insulated with PVC/Nylon (Thermoplastic fixture nylon coated) Type TFN. The 14 AWG trough 12 AWG are insulated with PVC/Nylon   (Thermoplastic high heat resistant nylon coated) Type THHN.