NMD90 3 Conductor
NMD90 3 Conductor

Copper Conductor

Northern Cables Inc. manufactures NMD90 with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and an FT1 PVC jacket. NMD90 can be used in dry locations where it cannot be subject to mechanical damage. This product is available from #8 to #2 in two, three, or four copper conductors.

NMD Aluminum conductor for spec sheet page

Aluminum Conductors

Northern Cables Inc. manufactures CSA approved aluminum NMD90. Cables are manufactured with three 8000 series aluminum ACM conductors insulated with RW90 cross-linked polyethylene rated at 300 volts from #8 to #2 AWG. The bonding conductor is bare aluminum. These cables are made identically to the copper based ones.